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Conscious of the importance of quality, food safety, environmental friendliness and health and safety at work, the Senior Management of FRIGORÍFICOS DE CAMARIÑAS has implemented a Management System covering the Production and Distribution of Frozen Octopus. We are committed to satisfying our current customers and demonstrating to potential customers our capacity to prepare products fulfilling quality, safety and legal requirements via processes guaranteeing interested parties fulfilment of specifications, demonstrating environmental friendliness, sustainability and ethics through our procedures, and protecting health and safety at work.

We promote the concepts of quality management, food safety, pollution control, and health and safety at work. Hence, continuous improvement is one of the main goals of FRIGORIFICOS DE CAMARIÑAS, a collective task in which the whole company must be involved.

The general guidelines are as follows:

• To supply safe products that comply with legal, regulatory, customer and any other requirements that may be applicable in terms of quality, environment and health and safety.

• To implement in the organisation the Continuous Improvement commitment through a definition of measurable and achievable objectives and the milestones to achieve them.

• To involve all the organisation’s employees in the fulfilment of the requirements.

• Encourage the Culture of Food Safety as a fundamental axis of our organization.

• Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of injuries and deterioration of work-related health.

• To guarantee and promote health and safety at work, eliminating risks at source wherever possible and implementing the necessary preventive measures.

• Encourage consultation and participation of staff in the continuous improvement and operation of the quality, environment, and safety and healh system implanted.

• To respect and promote the following international principles: SUSTAINABLE FISHING, RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS (legal, social and ethical responsibility principles being established), the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact, and other key international principles (specifically the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organisation Declaration on Labour Standards, other relevant ILO conventions and OECD guidelines). 

The Senior Management of FRIGORIFICOS DE CAMARIÑAS is directly responsible for the efficiency and application of its Integrated Management System. A Management System Officer possessing the authority to intervene in the company will be appointed to guarantee the efficiency of the system on behalf of the company insofar as deemed necessary.

The Senior Management of FRIGORIFICOS DE CAMARIÑAS undertakes to follow the Quality, Food Safety, Health and Safety at Work and the Environment guidelines established in the Management System implemented, and to regularly check the content of the policy to guarantee it fits the organisation’s requirements.

This policy is disseminated to the public and/or other interested parties. (R-09)