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Ingredients (serves 2)

1 octopus (1 kilo)

Cooking salt


Spicy paprika

Sweet paprika


Defrost one tray of Frigoríficos de Camariñas octopus in the refrigerator.

Once the octopus is defrosted, bring a generous amount of unsalted water to a boil. (It will be salted after cooking.) Gripping the octopus by the head, submerge it several times in the boiling water (putting it in and removing it), to scald the tips of the legs. Cook for 20 minutes. Then let the octopus rest for a few minutes until it reaches the proper tenderness, depending on the size. Drain and cut up with scissors. Serve on a wooden dish dressed with cooking salt, oil and paprika. Depending on how strong you want it, you can use spicy or sweet paprika, or a combination of the two.

arroz pulpo